SpaceAG Air: Drones for agriculture

Capture aerial images of your fields with high-precision drones and get a complete vision of your crops' state.

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SpaceAG Air

Monitor your plants’ growth and detect any problems with your crops in time to maximize your yields. We process drone and satellite imagery to give you a comprehensive diagnosis of your farm and help you obtain the best results of your agricultural year.

Detection of irrigation problems

Improve your irrigation management with our thermal images captured by drones and satellites, saving water, energy and fertilizers. 

Precise analysis of plants’ health

Control your plants growth and correct any problem with our infrared images captured by drones and satellites.

Improved harvest forecarts

Combining different aerial images, we give you granular and accurate data to improve the precision of your harvest forecasts.

Effective field inspections

Increase the validity of your scouting and inspection efforts, detecting areas of potential problems with our drone images.

Detection of flowering levels in avocado trees to improve harvest projections.


Agricola Chapi

Initial problem:
High costs and low precision in the measurement of the flowering levels of plants reduced the grower’s capacity to perform corrections that maximize yields and provide an accurate harvest forecast for an avocados' farm.

Space AG Solution:
We processed RGB images from drones and applied a proprietary algorithm developed by Space AG  that uses artificial intelligence in agriculture to detect plant flowering levels and estimates the percentage of flowering per plot or acre.

Thanks to the real knowledge of flowering levels, the grower adjusted his harvest forecasts. A greater precision in harvest forecast, improved the grower’s planning and sourcing of harvesting resources and increased revenue per acre due to better allocation of the final product in different markets.

Economic benefit
The savings in harvesting resources and increased price per acre help the grower earn an additional US$ 5k per acre.

Used by the largest agro-exporting companies in the world

We have more than 30 customers in 6 different countries with over 1,000 active users, from CEOs to harvesters. Among our customers, are the world largest growers of high-value crops

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