SpaceAG Forms: The new digital notebook for agriculture

The perfect digital tool to help you collect and organize all data coming from your farm. 


SpaceAG Forms

Forget about paper and pen!  Digitize all data collection in your farm using any mobile device. Make smarter decisions with confident data flowing in real time.

Precise and agile scouting for pests and disease

Get quick field inspection reports and take immediate control of any phytosanitary problem.

Measure your harvest progress and quality

Gain maximum visibility of your harvests. Organize and upskill your workers to increase your harvest productivity.

Reliable sampling of phenological events

Obtain trusted data from phenological sampling to aid your plants’ growth and make better yield forecasts.

More traceability for continuous improvement

Get a complete vision of your operation from farm to point of sale. Track your supply chain for efficiency and expand your profits.

Uso de SpaceAG Forms en una tablet dentro de un cultivo agrícola

Improvement in the phytosanitary evaluation process



Initial problem
Late response to pests and disease attacking a table grape orchard because of poor data collection and sharing processes.

Solution SpaceAG
Pest and disease inspections were configured in SpaceAG Forms, with customized reports and thresholds to provide automatic alerts. Data from inspections was shared in real time with the agronomic managers to plan and execute pesticide applications. 

The grower increased his yields by an average of 10% thanks to the fast response to a fungi-causing disease. SpaceAG was used as the digital tool to capture, report and and manage this and other phytosanitary issues. SpaceAG Forms also created efficiencies in labor, helping the grower reduce the time to perform field inspections in 2 hours per worker. This extra time was used to increase the number of inspections from 2 to 3 per week.

Economic benefit
The grower earned an additional profit of US$ 4,000 per acre in the whole affected area. He also was able to reduce the cost of extra time spent by field inspectors by 20%. 

Used by the largest agro-exporting companies in the world

We have more than 30 customers in 6 different countries with over 1,000 active users, from CEOs to harvesters. Among our customers, are the world largest growers of high-value crops

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