SpaceAG View: The farm management software that adjusts to your needs

Combine all your farm KPIs with drone and satellite imagery in a single platform to gain complete control of your operations.


SpaceAG View

With all your field’s data in your hands, we help you make better decisions in critical moments to boost your farm’s productivity.

Control of your operations

Our software connects with different systems, irrigation sensors, weather stations and ERPs to give you total control of your key performance metrics.

Early detection system

Using drones for agriculture and satellite images, we guide to areas in your farm with potential problems. 

Weather alerts

Get immediate alerts and notifications of changes in the weather that might affect your crops.

Monitor your irrigation

We integrate irrigation controllers and sensors to help you monitor your irrigation in real time and compare it to other critical KPIs.

“Thanks to SpaceAG solutions we focused our irrigation inspections in plots with potential problems. This helped us correct critical issues of our drip irrigation systems to boost our yields in more than 60%”

Juan Pablo Bentín
Gerente Agrícola

Valle y Pampa

Initial problem
Lower yields due to structural problems in the drip irrigation systems of a blueberry grower.

SpaceAG Solution
Detection of plots with low irrigation uniformity using thermal images from drones and satellites.

Grower changed the irrigation matrix of the affected plots, increasing their yields by 60%.

Economic Benefit
This resulted in an increased income of US$ 4,000 per acre.

Used by the largest agro-exporting companies in the world

We have more than 30 customers in 6 different countries with over 1,000 active users, from CEOs to harvesters. Among our customers, are the world largest growers of high-value crops

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