Netafim is the largest manufacturer of irrigation systems in the world.

The company was founded in Israel in 1965 and currently operates in 110 countries with a global market share of more than 30%. Besides the production of irrigation hardware, Netafim is a leader in precision irrigation, helping growers maximize their yields while making an efficient use of water. Thus, achieving their vision to grow more with less.

equipo netafim colaboracion spaceag

SpaceAG shares a similar vision of transforming agriculture into a more sustainable industry through the adoption of digital technologies. SpaceAG software is used by more than 1,000 people in 7 countries of Latin America. Its solutions include modules for pest and disease management, phenology control, farm labor management and packing operations.

SpaceAG is building their new irrigation module in collaboration with Netafim Peru.

The partnership between Netafim and SpaceAG initially focuses on the booming agro-exporting market of Peru. In the last decade, Peru’s exports of berries, avocados and grapes have grown exponentially. The country has become one of the world’s biggest producers of these crops, exporting to North America, Europe and China. Netafim considers SpaceAG as a strategic ally to provide value added to their important customer base in Peru. The irrigation data related to Netafim’s products complements other agronomic KPIs captured in SpaceAG software.

“We are building a digital tool that integrates irrigation data with the rest of agronomic variables in a single platform so growers can make better decisions”.
- Jorge Ramírez, General Manager, Netafim Perú

Among the main features of this new irrigation module

Are the real-time monitoring of drip-irrigation controllers, the digitalization of irrigation hardware inspections and the effective management and control of the irrigation plan. The main irrigation KPIs can be compared with other key agronomic indicators such as the leaf surface area of plants and yields to gain a complete vision of the farms.

 visión completa de los campos de cultivos spaceag

Once validated in Peru, the goal is to scale the partnership to other countries of the region. SpaceAG was recently selected as the most innovative early-stage agtech startup in the world. The strategic alliance with Netafim is an important milestone to accelerate their expansion to new markets. The collaboration between large agricultural corporations such as Netafim and startups such as SpaceAG is essential to boost innovation and benefit the industry as a whole.

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