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"We know the exact locations where a pest is attacking."
"It allows us to trace the entire process from its origin."
"We managed to increase the registration speed by 15 times."

Bloom Farms success story

5% improvement in crop yields

15% savings in pesticide expenses

50% savings in labor costs by digitizing the process

Plant Protection

Digitizing operations generates US$1,284 in savings per hectare.

Bloom farms generated savings of US$ 128,000 by digitizing its pest and disease monitoring operations

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Family Farms success story

The speed of registering workers or assigning them baskets to harvest improved by 15.15 times.

The number of people responsible for making this record was reduced from 9 people to 3 people.

Time spent to record, organize and present worker information was reduced by 50%.

15x improvement in process times through the digitization of personnel registration

Family Farms (Valle y Pampa) increased the speed of personnel registration for critical tasks by 15 times.

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Time for collecting and preparing information for internal audits was reduced in 30%.

Quality inspections were digitized, generating efficiencies and traceability throughout the entire process.

It became easier for supervisors to collect and share information regarding quality inspections in the packing operation.


30% reduction in information collection and presentation times

Agroindustrial Beta reduced the time for collecting and presenting information for internal audits by 30%.

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