Phenology Module

Monitor your plants’ growth in an easy-to-use digital interface and optimize all scheduled activities throughout your agricultural year.

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Detect problems in your crops’ phenology to take quick, corrective actions. Avoid lost yields and achieve efficiencies in input management.

Access historical data to improve your planning and increase the precision of your yields forecasts.

Control and manage all agronomic activities in your fields, knowing how and when to act to maximize your results.

Step up your sampling processes. Get more accurate and reliable data about your crops to make better decisions.

Forget about paper and pen

Customize a digital notebook to capture precise and traceable data of your farm, using any mobile device.

Get phenology reports in real time

monitor your phenological stages and take action when needed to maximize your yields.

Anticipate critical labor activities

Organize and manage your teams to optimize critical tasks such as harvesting and pruning.

Collect reliable and precise data

validate the accuracy of your phenological samples to make better decisions.

Used by the largest agro-exporting companies in the world

We have more than 30 customers in 6 different countries with over 1,000 active users, from CEOs to harvesters. Among our customers, are the world largest growers of high-value crops

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