Trabajador en Zona de Packing de Arándanos

Packing Module

Keep digital records to control and track quality of materials and finished products throughout your whole packing operation.

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Accelerate decision-making and production scheduling. Improve quality assessments and conditions of materials entering the processing plant.

Avoids breaches or returns in commercial agreements by correctly tracing all information related to your final product.

Digitizes andautomates the certification forms required by audits to respond in a precise and timely manner.

Integrates all the information in a single platform, consolidate and analyze current and historical data to optimize your decisions.

Digitize the evaluations within your packing operation

Save time and resources in your packing processes by optimizing your records.

Automate information required by certifications and audits

Fill out forms automatically and have information from previous periods at hand.

Consolidate all the information in a single platform

Make timely decisions throughout your production chain, visualizing your main KPIs in real time.

Improve response times with reliable information

Avoid customer returns and anticipate non-compliance issues.

Used by the largest agro-exporting companies in the world

We have more than 30 customers in 6 different countries with over 1,000 active users, from CEOs to harvesters. Among our customers, are the world largest growers of high-value crops

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